Audio is having a resurgence; more people are using more audio than ever before. Not because of the novelty, but because speech is the most natural communication tool we use and also we are so busy and being able to multitask is becoming more essential.


In fact, over 60% of markets see the growth and significance of voice assistants being used as marketing channels in the future.


Major companies have already started using this technology. For example, you can easily order your favorite pizza from Domino’s on Alexa, hands-free, no calling or online order forms.


3 simple steps to complete a voice form

A unique phrase or code is announced on advertising media.

"Alexa, launch UtterForm"

The person completing the form speaks their phrase or code.

This identifies the specific campaign or offer

The completed form information is captured and saved to CSV file.

The offer is then fulfilled via speech or SMS

You’re probably wondering how YOU can use one of these voice apps for your business. ​

There's endless uses, below are just few.

  • Job Applications

    You don’t have to waste time screening applicants on the phone, let the automated voice interview do it for you so you can get to the qualified applicants quicker.

  • Customer Reviews

    Get more people to leave a review with fewer fraudulent reviews.

  • Website or Event Registration

    No one likes the sign up process, but voice makes it quicker and creates less frustration for users.

  • Employee Feedback

    You can quickly and easily collect information from your employees to improve relationships and work environment.


  • Create Your Offer Form

    Setting up a Voice Prompt Call To Action couldn’t be simpler. Use one central dashboard to create your form, announce your voice form, analyze the results, optimize, and improve your campaign.

  • Know Who’s Responding

    With unique codes, you know who’s replying in real-time so you can make more informed marketing choices and quickly enhance ROI.

  • Target Offers More Precisely

    When a potential customer uses a code, your offer will automatically be delivered by text or any other way you choose.


    So, now you have an idea of how you could use this for your business.


    But why? Why not just do it the old fashioned way? One of the big reasons is—data. As users are interacting with your voice form, their information and responses are being recorded and organized in real time, without the need for you or an employee using unnecessary time to do the same thing.


    Interaction and participation rates go up, since people don’t have to stop what they’re doing. Voice forms also improve experience for both you and the user.


    No contract. You can cancel anytime. Up to 1,000 Participants per Month.


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